Elina Popova MA, Teacher of the English language at the secondary school, linguistics, literary science

Elina completed her BA degree in 2005 and then her MA in Pedagogy in 2007 at the University of Latvia with average grade 9.4. Now she plans to enrol in Doctoral studies. She has taught English for two years at school as well as privately. She says, “I always keep in mind that every child is born talented and my goal is to help this talent “blossom” applying all my knowledge”. Elina enjoys participating and organizing nature projects with her students, doing sport and growing flowers.

Motto: “Don’t be afraid of walking slowly, be afraid only of standing still”

Johnnie Walker


Irina Sidorcuk, Master of Pedagogic in teaching English. Graduated from Latvian University. Worked as a translator of scientific and technical information and interpreter at business negotiations, conferences and seminars. In the period from 1990 to 2000 was one of the leading teachers of Pushkin Lyceum. Her numerous ex-pupils are now making a successful career in international and Latvian companies. Among them a representative of Latvian Republic in European Parliament in Strasburg, graduates of Stockholm School of Economics, Managers of GE Money, owners of the companies in Latvia, businessmen and students of Higher Schools in Canada, Australia, England, Germany.

Irina has attended more than 10 Teacher Training Courses in England and Latvia. Has participated in 8 international Conferences on “Language, Culture, Communication”, where she ran workshops on different aspects of teaching, made reports and presentations, prepared students and supervised their presentations.

At the moment Irina is a lecturer of Business Communications at the International High School of Economics.

“I am proud of my students , I think our work has always been very creative. I treat my students as my colleagues and I am happy that they enjoy my classes, the atmosphere of free discussion and common achievement. The best appreciation of my work is when my students send their relatives and friends to study English with me. “ Irina Sidorcuk


An interview with Julia Korshunova, a  Farleigh Dickinson University graduate (USA)

- Julia, you started to take extra English classes when you were in the fourth form?
- Yes, I had problems with English at that time.
- Did things soon improve?
- I didn’t even notice. Now I think I’ve always had excellent marks at school.