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An interview with Julia Korshunova, a Farleigh Dickinson University graduate (USA)


- Julia, you started to take extra English classes when you were in the fourth form?


- Yes, I had problems with English at that time.


- Did things soon improve?


- I didn’t even notice. Now I think I’ve always had excellent marks at school.

Last year I successfully passed international English examinations TOEFL (91%) and the SAT (66%).


- I know that the Sat is a test for high school graduates in the USA. It is to help college admissions officers make acceptance decisions. So that means that you did math and English and the like as if you graduated from high school somewhere in California?


- That’s right. To my great pleasure I managed to succeed, although it was a terribly complicated test.


- Thus, these results enable you to study abroad.


- Yeah, but first things first. Before I go I have to accomplish my secondary education here. This school year I ‘m going to build up my English and study with my teacher in a small group.


- Could you give us some more details about the group?


- Sure. There are five twelve-formers from 62, 72 and 75 Secondary Schools. All the students have been studying for seven years. Anna, from 62 School, took the first and second places in English language competitions in Latgales district of Riga. Kate and Volodya are the best pupils at School 72.


- Are your younger sisters learning English with Lev Sovin too?


- They have been studying since they went to school. Now they are in the 6th class. And I am sure their education prospects are brilliant.


- Julia, when you were small you wanted to be a shop-assistant. Things have changed a great deal and now you'd like to study business management in one of the universities in the USA .And you will. Who and what played a role in this cardinal change in your life?


- First and foremost my Granny, who encouraged me to deal with tennis and English. But without English classes it couldn’t have become a reality.

It’s the teacher’s attitude to me as a strong personality and his respect that made me boost my self-confidence and led to a new vision of future.


-Thank you, Julia, for the interview.